Lesedi Farm & African Food

Featuring Whidbey-Island- Organic Local Produce

Welcome to Lesedi Farm and African Food!

lesedi farm stand produce , we grow our produce organic, at Tilth farm  2812 thompson RD  

 we  will be open daily starting april
 30 of 2016 , and you can see our food booth at bayview farmers market ,  most of this vegetables are used in our food booth 
 we  have this right now where you can come and pick up greens right now, 


The magic of eating green leafy vegetables, is that  you can have it raw  or cooked or just dried , and you still get all the nutrients and minerals   , the process of raw kale chips is that  we use low heat  with fen to just evaporate moisture  the mild heat seals the nutrients,  in this pkts you have four viriety of greens , two  are african greens  which i kept seeds year after year for ten years  nonGMO,

 and organic and i add saberian blue  kale  

 Here is the best part , we grow this organic greens using organic  seeds and the farming methods is organic , one point for those that dont eat greens often  ,  here is the way to add greens into your daily greens ,  adding nuts and seeds  enhance  the crunchy  floavor as well as protein , please instead of  fried potatoes try this  by ordering her https://mtk.com/lesedifarm